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401(k) Plans

Recent changes in the law regarding your responsibilities set forth by the DOL, some enforced by the IRS, may have affected the initial design of your retirement plan and it’s liabilities to your employees and their beneficiaries.

The definition of a fiduciary has been expanded and greater awareness is not only expected, but is now REQUIRED BY LAW in the area of fees and services, especially when these costs are paid for by the plan participants. (Otherwise known as “asset-based” fees)

Plan sponsors should be prepared by keeping proper records of education and consistent accountability toward the investments within the plan. Many sponsors hire retirement plan advisors to manage these responsibilities rather than do it themselves. We often find that a plan is already paying for these services without actually getting the protection and assistance they may need.

Our Commitment to You:

Whatever plan design or product choice you make, Bridgeview Financial is committed to providing you and your employees with exceptional service as your Advocate and Advisor to the plan.

We believe it is our responsibility to educate and even motivate people about retirement planning. It is our passion, and we do it every day of the week. We offer quarterly review meetings at your facility with the intention of helping people understand the importance of setting goals and working toward those goals. Stopping in once a year doesn’t help anyone, and it isn’t enough to show them a website and a calculator.

They need real advice from a real Advisor.

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