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Retirement Planning

Think About This

Think About This

If you need $50,000 a year in retirement income…

and the average benefit for a couple collecting social security is $32,0401…

Your investments will have to generate $18,000 a year for every year you are in retirement!

When it comes to investments, you want direction, not a sales pitch. We strive to help our clients makes informed financial decisions based on a comprehensive plan and stated goals, not the product of the week.

We believe in setting goals. Throughout the planning process, we will work with you to define and understand your financial objectives and retirement goals.

Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your investments as things change in your life and in the economy in general. Predicting the future is impossible, but preparing for it is why we’re here; to help you prepare., average benefit as of June 2015 was $1,335/month per retired worker.